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Chuckie Gets Rejected Again

  I took Chuck over to visit new HOF Laurie, and her flyer, Roxie. I met Laurie on the flyer boards and discovered she lives 10 minutes from me!  Laurie describes Chuck's visit to her house and meeting her Roxie:

"... he nosed up to dear sweet Roxie, she took one whiff, grabbed him by the shoulders and shook the be-jeezes out of him! Poor Chuck jumped, shot straight out of her box and back into the safety of his mother's shirt!"


  First it was Sophie who ran him away from "her shelf" and "her stuff" and resented him crawling on "her Daddy" and barely tolerated him while I was in Alaska. BTW, Sophie has been "the perfect girl" since Chuck came home. I think she was afraid Mary Jane and David were considering keeping him permanently and wants to show them than one perfect flyer is enough.
  Well, Chuck just could not resist trying with Roxie ... she is such a beautiful little girl. She has a reddish orange tint to her undercoat ... not white like Chuck. And she is such a sweet girl. Laurie has done a wonderful job with her. I put my hand in Roxie's nest and tickled her tummy. She grabbed my finger with both paws, lightly test bite it and let me tickle on. It reminded me of the first time I tickled Chucks tummy.

Joan was wonderful to bring over Chuck to meet my sons and their friend! She was patient and answered all their questions. Chuck was a sweet boy and let them pet him!

All the boys had a chance to meet Chuck up close and personal. We hope that Roxie will come along this well soon!


  They are delightful boys, but I forget which two were hers. A neighbor boy was there too making a total of 3, but that got confusing because, I swear, she threw at least 7 boys out of the house on numerous occasions. Seems running in the garden hose and walking dripping wet in the house is not a good thing. LOL Come to think about it, it could have been the same 3 boys getting tossed out more than once ;-)

  And I think a solo flyer is a handful. LOL