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Chuckie makes the dog days of Summer go so much faster!

                                   Chuck Almost Gets a Haircut
  I got a haircut today and Chuck slept through the wash and cut. When I was getting ready to leave, the girls wanted to see Chuck ... he's been there before. A man was getting a haircut and his stylist stopped saying she want to see the flying squirrel. I pulled Chuck out. He sat for a minute and sprang to the first woman's chest, paused only a second and sprang to the second woman's chest and then leaped to me and shirt dove. She said, "He knows who is Mommy is." The man's eyes were bugging out of his head as he watched the whole thing backward in the mirror. They were still protruding quite a bit when we walked out the door.

                                   Chuckie Goes To a Closing
  Today was the refinancing of the mortgage on our home. Chuck went to the closing and was pretty quiet ... until after all the papers were signed. The woman handling the closing wanted to see him. She told her coworkers and when we were ready to leave, they wanted to see him. At this point he was fussing about being drug out of my shirt into the rude awakening of daylight. On the way out, the lone man in the office came in and wanted to see him. I pulled him out and he sat in my hand as he contemplated his move. In a flash, he jumped to the fellow's chest and was looking for a way down his shirt. The guy's eyes got big as saucers ... nearly as big as his smile. I stepped a little closer and Chuck jumped to my shoulder and shot down my shirt in a flash. I said, "He knows his Mommy," and we left. The guy still grinning and the women laughing. Another happy day for others thanks to FlyingChuckie.

Goofy happy face

                                      Chuckie Threw a Party

  The First Annual Fleming Island Flyer Festival was held August 16 and Chuck had a few friends over:-)
Here are photos:

  Our very own HOF writers, Andrew Watts and Bill Goss  autographed their work;-)
Andrew: "Furry Palm Pilots: Southern Flying Squirrels" in Critters 2003 Annual Magazine. pp112-117.

Bill: The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive and There's A Flying Squirrel In My Coffee: Overcoming Cancer With the Help of My Pet PLUS a video of Bill and Rocky's "Pet Story" as shown on Animal Planet.

  Bill Goss did a book signing as a favor for us (and Chuck) and Ryck at the Wild Bird's Unlimited store. Ryck, the owner ... also a friend of Chuck's ... made up special bags of squirrel food and tagged it "Chuck's Blend."
  A local reporter wrote an article on the event for the county section of the Jacksonville Times Union. Here's a link to view it:

Here's a copy of our day's agenda:

                                     Flyer Day AGENDA
                                    (Saturday Aug 16)

Chuck's House
Meet @ 10 AM and get name tags
Settle in babies
Tour Chuck's playground, cage & mealworm farm
FS talk (continuous:-)
Drawing for surprises (please bring one gift, new or used, for the drawing) These gifts can be added to you swap pile if you want something else;-)
Review handout & suggestions for improvements

Roxie's House
12:00 noon: Drinks & snacks (don't spoil your lunch;-)
View Walk-in cage & talk with master builder
Drawings continue Dramatic reading by Sara ;-)

Lunch at Atlanta Bread Company: 1 or 2 PM
More chatting, eating & drawings

Wild Birds Unlimited: 3 PM
Side trip a few shops down from lunch
Visit store & view video for those who wish
(20% discount for all HOFs plus 5# of special Chuck's squirrel blend for $2.99)
Others can return to Chuck's for a nap ;-)

Chuck's House: 3:30 or 4:00 PM
Continued discussion & review of handout
Drawing continues (if anything is left -- LOL)
Awards ;-): Biggest flyer,
(no ankle weights permitted)
Smallest flyer (adults only),
Most colorful coat (no dying or tinting),
Shiniest coat (no oiling or waxing),
Shyest flyer (no drugging),
Most active (no amphetamines or caffeine)
(Urine tests will be run on flyer & HOF if protests are registered;-)
Flyer stuff swap
Plans for next meeting
Hugs and waving Bye-bye: 5:00 PM - whenever
(tell family you'll be home when you get there;-)

  A woman saw the newspaper article and called us and asked to come. She has a 13 year old flyer (Lil Bit) who has a cataract on one eye. She came to the house with him that morning. She had guests all day and couldn't stay, but showed up at the bookstore that afternoon and told me she "just left them." A true HOF!

  Later that afternoon we had awards and Sylvia whipped out an award button for "Oldest Flyer" in attendance. Lil Bit won hands down and I'll take it to her after the Festival.

Everyone who came was so wonderful and contributed to making it so much fun ... there are no people like HOFs


Smilie Face

Pine Wood Tumbling E-Mail Stamp

Chuck & Mishi