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Carley is the alpha dog in a multipet household. She will not tolerate anyone messing with her food, whether it's "food" or something she should definitely not have in her mouth.

When Carley does her "cute thing," she can melt the resolve of the toughest human. She learned this trick on her own at an early age. She knew instinctively that sitting on her hind legs, with soft belly vulnerable and front paws waving in the air, was irresistible. She has been right many many times.

Carley is a loving, loyal and true friend, who asks very little of her humans -- to be fed on time, to get cookies and other treats when she performs her "cute thing," to be allowed under the covers at nighttime, and to chase fleeing cats.



Happy is a lightweight, wiggly, rambunctious furball who loves to lick, loves to annoy Carley and loves to love.
Here she is with me, being her irresistible, licking and loving puppy self.

She's Irresistible