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Sweet Sergie
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Young Sergie


Sergie is a Netherland Dwarf bunny, approximately eight months of age. Originally called "he," I recently discovered that Sergie is a female. 
Like most dwarfs, she has a no-handling temperament. But it's all in the grip. Sergie will allow me to hold her if her hind legs and back are firmly but gently supported.
She loves sweets and has been spoiled by too many treats at a tender age. This is dangerous, and I am slowly weaning her onto a healthy diet of pellets, timothy hay and fresh vegies and fruits. She gets a yogurt drop for her digestion and a treat only after dinner.
Sergie loves to be stroked and will sit patiently waiting for my hand. When I call her name or make clicking noises, she greets me with "joyful exuberance," bounding across the floor and then circling my feet. She'll sit in my lap, help me at the keyboard, and insist that I play with her.
Rabbits are wonderful pets but beware. They require a conscientious owner who will clean after them, give them room for exercise, provide them with company, and maintain them in top health. You will be rewarded by a sweet, loving,loyal friend.
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