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                          Chuck Speaks With Forked Tail

  Last night when Mishi and Chuck were out playing, I noticed that Chuck now has a forked tail. Laurie and Leah looked closely at it today (while I held him) and there's some dried blood in the back and it looks like it literally split. I wonder if he cut it on something or Mishi got tired of being humped and beat his butt.

             Chuck and Mishi Spend Their First Night Together

  Chuck and Mishi spent their first night together last night ......  both were alive and fit in the AM.  LOL All snuggled up in Chuck's nest box with the cotton door closed. Chuck is over his fear of her and likes humping her better than his Mommy. She takes it so long and then puts him in his place ..... turns the tables and humps him back ;-)
  They have been playing together at night during "out of cage time" with no problems. Boy are they fast when out together. I thought Chuck was fast before, but Mishi has him in overdrive. They take turns chasing each other and giving bear hugs ... Chuck usually throws in some humping, but Mishi will return it when she's had enough. She doesn't take any guff from him, but she's obviously crazy about him and trying to kiss him all the time. They ran in and out of Chuck's big cage and except for occasional "splats" when Mishi hits the carpet instead of her target, there were no adverse events. Mishi would look for Mommy when she landed on the floor and run over and up my leg to get high for a platform leap to the blind where Chuck was waiting.
  At one point, I heard Chuck's wheel spinning and when it stopped, two heads popped out ... they were running together OR chasing each other. LOL A little later, I saw Chuck's head with his eyes half closed looking like it he was ready to keel over from ecstasy. Mishi was grooming him behind the ears and he was in heaven! They're more entertaining than TV!

                                     Chuck Attacks Mommy!

  Night before last, Chuck bit me quick as a rattle snake, striking three time before I knew it! I have no idea what got into him. I was so shocked, I didn't think to throw him into "jail." The only thing I could think of was he was so excited playing out with Mishi that he bite harder than his "play bite." No wonder his tail is forked if he and Mishi play that hard. And if he bites me again, I'm going to bite off the rest of his tail clean up to his butt!

                                        Mishi Goes Missing

  I was away from home last night and left Chuck and Mishi in their cage with supper prepared. When I got home today and walked in my room, I saw immediately that the flyers had been out of their cage all night. Things were scattered and stuff knocked off the walls. I ran to the cage and the door was ajar. I must have not latched it securely. I don't think Chuck could unlatch it, but if it wasn't secure, playing on the door would have open it.
  Next, I ran to the bath room to check the toilet ... no floating flyers. The back of the bathroom door was next where I hang my towel head wrap used to cover my head after washing it. Chuck likes to sleep in it like a hammock. I peered inside and a sleepy face greeted me, but only one. Mishi couldn't get up there as Chuck crawls up the door edge and she can't do that yet. I looked every where. Chuck won't leave my room, but Mishi has already flown down the hall once before with me in hot pursuit.
  I looked in my closet ... a favorite hiding place of Chuck's, but didn't find anything. I'd have to check every piece of clothing and every pocket. I closed the door in case she was sleeping there. I decided to wait until night to try and find her when she'd be awake. I was prepared to be up all night looking for her. I searched the whole house calling her, but no response.
  About 11 PM, Chuck got up and wanted to play on the blind, jumping back and forth to me. At 11:30 PM, Sylvia called from her study that the puppies got very interested in the bookcase and there was a sleepy Mishi sticking her head out between some books. I held out my hand and she jumped to it and I carried her back to the bedroom where she jumped on the blind. Chuck came rushing up and they kissed a long time! He's a happy boy and Mommy is definitely happy!
  Be sure to check your latches when you go out. Flyers have a blast being out on their own, but it gives a Mommy a heart attack when they don't go to bed in the right spot!

                                   Chuck Does Jail Time

  Chuck bit me twice last night ... drew blood. I put him in jail for time out after the first bite. I don't know what's gotten into him. I've been told it's hormones as this is breeding season ... thru Feb. Chuck is 15 months old now.
He didn't do this last year even when his testicle descended, but I guess being older and having Mishi around may have something to do with it. He'd better settle down soon.
  After I threw him in jail, he still bit me after time out. He had a temper tantrum and did a one legged war dance ... other leg was holding onto the blind. He sure looked silly stomping one foot;-) I was stupid to try and pick him up then ... thus the second bite:-(
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