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Photo shoots & existential dilemmas

Not So Professional Photographers

I took my friend Laurie a GIANT planter shaped like a cup and saucer. She had posted photos of one of all her flyers in a tea cup and I thought all of them in one cup would make a great shot.

The next day, I took Sylvia's tripod over and we proceed to set up the Pray Flier Photography Session!

Laurie's Account: "I mean, it's before noon. How hard could it be to get all ten of the sleepy babies in one shot, right? We thought it out, set up the camera & had the cup and saucer all set. In go the fliers -- head count -- one thru eleven -- we are set! Joan holds a cover over the cup -- well, let me let her tell you...."

Joan: " I'm so tired. Just got back from Laurie's where we attempted photos of her 10 flyers in an oversized cup and saucer. I kept a cover on them until Laurie was ready to shoot the photos. They would sit real still for about 3 seconds, those huge black eyes staring out and then explode out of the cup like popcorn. We spent more time running them down and doing a head count than taking pictures. I told Laurie that the next time we did that, we needed someone videotaping it as that would be a greater amusement than the actual photos :-)"

Laurie: "I know you can picture all the babies shooting out of the cup and FLYING! The part she failed to mention was that she brought her two beauties and mine would fly to her like locust and dive down her shirt! Squabbles broke out! There was mayhem everywhere! Someone bit Joan, she's bleeding, fliers are all over my dining room, we are jumping to scoop them up & trying not to step on anyone at the same time!

At one point I had my hands around Joan's neck trying not to let any more of my babies get down her shirt and royally piss off Chuck and Mishi! Chuck was madder than a wet flier, let me tell you!

After it was over, I had my fliers accounted for but we were not 100% sure that Joan actually had her Chuck and Mishi. We only knew she had two fliers in her shirt. I was sweating and called it a day. Joan got in her car and advised me that unless I did end up with Chuck or Mishi, not to call her for awhile ... "

Joan: "Actually, it was Mishi who bit me ... which shocked me (but who could really tell with at least 4 flyers popping in and out of my shirt and 2 staying). Mishi was war dancing all over my chest. I thought, 'Boy is she territorial!' Laurie saw she had her leg twisted in my necklace ... no doubt done during the egress of a number of the popcorn flyers. Laurie quickly undid my neckless and Mishi was free. Thank goodness ... she was getting awfully close to my jugular. When I left, I told Laurie I had caller ID and wouldn't answer if it was her ;-)'

Differences Between Chuck and Mishi

Mishi is so different from Mishi that it can be startling at times. Chuck never seems to chew on anything, but I know he must because his teeth are filed down. Mishi chews on EVERYTHING and stripped the bark off every limb in her cage in the first 24 hours. Chuck hadn't touched them in a year!

Chuck is scared to leave my room even when the door is left open. Mishi will scoot down the hall fast as lightening if she finds it ajar. Chuck NEVER got on the floor until Mishi showed him how to run all over it.

Chuck loves to run in the Wodent, Mishi loves to store all kinds of stuff in it. I have to her messes out of it in the morning so Chuck can run in it before she stuffs it again. I am getting a second wheel in hopes that Chuck will have an empty one to claim, but I'm afraid that Mishi will just have two storage places.

Chuck keeps all four feet attached to the window shade. Mishi loves to hang by one toe and stretch, groom, or just look around.

Almost Thrown Out of Another Motel

We going to check into the same motel in Sanford, NC that Carley got us thrown out of last year. She barked at the maid when she came down the hall with her cart. It's was a "no pets" motel and we'd snuck her in before ... the big mouth. Anyway, the "no pets" sign is up as we walk in to register carrying a bird cage with Chuck and Mishi sleeping away in a nest box.

No, can't check in with a bird ... it's a pet. I slump in a chair and Sylvia says, "What are we going to do?" I retort loudly, "I guess we can go over to the hospital and sleep there."

The manager comes out and asks what kind of bird is it. I reply it doesn't matter and Sylvia looks panic stricken. The manager decides a bird will be OK and we thank him and run to the elevator before the "birds" wake up.

Several days later we are checking out and as we leave with the bird cage, the woman at the registration ask, "Can I see your bird." "Oh, he's sleeping." Says I as I scurry to the car with the hot flyers and head out of town.

Flyers Are a BAD Influence

I had 2 relative normal puppies BEFORE Chuck and Mishi came to live with me. Now, they vacuum the floor looking for acorns, peanuts and pecans which they eat in the shell. My precious first dog child even threatened to remove my hand when I tried to get a whole pecan from her.
Yes, flyers are a very bad influence:-(

HOF's Existential Question

Why is it I can sit at the computer while 2 flying furballs ricochet on and off me at 100 miles per hour and not miss a beat as I type? How come the sounds of papers, floral arrangements and misc. items hitting the floor offer no distraction? The muffled thunder of tiny feet racing across the carpet or blinds does not turn an eye? The plastic ring of something trying to crawl inside the red watering can gets no notice? Pecans being dropped from unknown heights into God knows where doesn't raise an eyebrow? The clatter of antique spoons falling of the wall holder is a mild annoyance? BUT, let there be more than a minute of silence and I start upright as if shoot at from the darkness!

Mishi Plays Innocent

I have flyers using my head for a launching pad tonight. Mishi is such a mischief maker. She was chewing my Buddhist prayer beads (the ones I got at the Tibetan Cultural Center in Ind. when I went to hear the Dalai Lama speak) ... I have them in my pocket now. Knocked over a little vase... I have it in a drawer now. Every time Mishi makes a crash like that, she shoots off in the other direction and hangs off the blind like, "It wasn't me ... I've been here the whole time. Look at Chuck ... he's got the flowers."

Chuck has attacked the fake daisies that fell out of it and refuses to give them back. The petals start falling off ... Smack Chuck ... Don't smack Chuck. Mishi grabs the small wooden striker for the small brass Tibetan bowl and REFUSES to give it back. She flies to the blind with it in her mouth and can barely hold it. I see an opportunity and snatch it out of her mouth ... it now has teeth marks all over the handle. She is NOT amused and looks like she's revving up for her first "war dance". I distract her with a pecan.

I'm wet ... Hand Me a Flyer

Tonight, as I was preparing to take a shower, Chuck jumped on my naked body (not a good thing) as I went into the bathroom. I was able to get him to climb onto to PJs hanging on the back of the door. I got in the shower, washed my hair & body and rinsed off. I pulled the towel off the rack on the shower door and started to dry off. Suddenly, I felt a spot on the towel that was softer then the rest AND moving. I opened the towel and there was a slightly wet Chuck staring back at me.

I got out dripping water as I went and finally persuaded him to get back on the PJs. After I dried off, he stuck to the PJs as I got in them and then jumped back to the hanging wet towel. He loves to hide in the folds ... wet or not;-)

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