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The many adventures continue into 2004

Almost Heaven?

  Well, the Christmas tree is bare and all tinsel off (what a bitch to remove) and it is now standing majestic in the middle of my bedroom ... shedding a few needles. I pulled Chuck and Mishi out of their warm nest and got them to wake up early. I showed Mishi the tree and she jumped to the blind to inspect it from a distance. Chuck took one whiff and dove down my shirt.
  Last year when he was 4 months old, he'd have nothing to do with it, much preferring familiar objects like chairs and cages. Initially, the two were frozen in place on the blind. Then, Mishi started "doing the math" and disappeared into the tree. Chuck watched as she leaped in and out. I think I heard her call him "chicken" and he started his own calculations and took a leap of faith into the pine needles.
  So now, they are in and out playing tag with an occasional shirt dive to check out Mom. Chuck is now brave and keeps jumping to me to make sure I approve of his efforts. Seems that behind every successful flyer is a lady flyer ... or rather, she's out front leading the way. LOL                                   

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                                       Frustrated Authors

  Never let it be said that HOFs don't have a sense of humor. The following are posts from the "For Flyers Only" Internet forum.

Date Posted: 18:36:36 01/09/04 Fri
Author: Joan
Subject: Shotgun Wedding for Chuck?

  Keep little Chuckie in your prayers. I received a note from Mary Jane about Chuck and Mishi's stay with she and David and their Benjamin and Sophie while I was at Longboat Key.
  "David keeps hoping we will not have to serve child custody papers to Chuck as he is not absolutely sure there wasn't some activity (during his recent stay)."

PS Mishi is not speaking to Chuck.

Date Posted: 08:35:53 01/10/04 Sat
Author: pagan
Subject: As the Furball Flies...

  Don't miss the next episode of "As the Furball Flies." Will Chuck be forced into a loveless match? Does it really count as a shotgun wedding if the flyer is busy trying to hide nuts in the shotgun barrel during the ceremony?? Will Rocky be forced out into the cold cruel world, or has he found a new home with Ferris and family?? Is Dennis really so starved for positive reinforcement that he has sunk to posting compliements to himself on his message board, while vainly attempting to disguise his efforts by using aliases??? Tune in tomorrow to catch another episode of ...

Date Posted: 13:01:52 01/10/04 Sat
Author: Ferris
Subject: Re: As the Furball Flies...
In reply to: pagan 's message,
"As the Furball Flies..."
on 08:35:53 01/10/04 Sat

  In today's episode, Ferris and family struggle with that timeless question, "what is the meaning of a Rockyless life?" Will wife chance the mastication of her home? Can the dog survive another night of endless pursuits? Will Ferris ever again chance upon Rocky in the kitchen sink? What drama in the North Woods!

Date Posted: 20:11:01 01/14/04 Wed

Author: Joan 

Subject: Alas, Chuck has lost weight ...
In reply to: Cheri 's message,
"Re: As the Furball Flies...This is pretty good stuff, I don't like sope on TV but this is great...."
on 19:08:24 01/14/04 Wed

  from the constant worry that "Uncle David" will show up with papers to serve ... or worse with a shotgun:-( I tell him that Benjamin lives there all the time; so no one can pin it on him. So what if Benjamin is only 4 months old ... records are meant to break. Chuck ... just refuse a DNA test.

to be continued ......

Date Posted: 06:05:52 01/15/04 Thu
Author: pagan
Subject: As the Furball Flies... Part 2

  Welcome to another Episode of the Number One rated soap on this board, As the Furball Flies! Our story continues as we find our furry friends grappling with life's most serious issues... Will Chuck be forced into a furry DNA analysis reveal that he is not the father of Sophie's baby. Is Chuck losing weight from constant stress, or has he been cursed to be thinner by a gypsy? Will Sophie discover that she is NOT pregnant, but has simply been munching too many pecans? Will Benjamin's threatened manhood ever recover from this aspersion, or will he forever believe himself to be... inadequate? Will Mishi forgive Chuck, in the hope that HE doesn't find out about her own late-night internet chats with Nutkin? Will Mindlina join the convent, as she secretly hopes to do? Will Saffy's career as a chantuese stall forever here in Charleston, or will she steal away to Hollywood to realize her dream?? Will Ferris and family adopt poor Rocky, or will they heartlessly toss him out into the cold cruel world? Are wedding bells in the future for Dennis and Joan? Will she assist him in the top-secret program training Fighter Furballs for the Department of Defense??

For the answers to these and other questions, tune in next time to..


Date Posted: 17:20:28 01/15/04 Thu
Author: Joan
Subject: AS THE FURBALL FLIES!!! ... part 3

  Chuck, now a shadow of his former self, decided to confront Mishi about Nutkin. He complains that she is "always on that damn computer" and "cares more about the Internet than me". Since Chuck refused the DNA testing, telling Uncle David to "Bite me!", things have gone from bad to worse. Sophie says the rabbit died and Benjamin is a little wimp who prefers to stay in Daddy's shirt instead of acting like a man and standing up for her.
  Chuck is talking about a separation from Mishi and dividing the joint cage furniture. Thank goodness Mishi's little lavender Wodent Wheel arrived so each can have one. "Spin, spin, spin all night ... that's all you ever do!" complains Mishi. She plans to contact Nutkin and see if he wants to move in with her. "He's a real stud".
  Chuck is going to ask Rocky to share his pad at least until spring when the weather will be better for homeless flyers.
  Benjamin is thinking of joining Mindlina at the convent ... at least until his "nuts" drop, then maybe the monastery in Kentucky. He's still a boy soprano.
  Sophie thinks Saffy is a "hussy" and warns "the bitch" to get out of Charleston as there is not enough room in the South for the two of them. Thinks Saffy will have a "conniption fit" and "take to her bed" with the "vapors", but Sophie has plans if she does.
  Joan is distressed that Dennis has not answered and has halted all training of the NAS Jax Blue Angel Flyers.

                           Chuckie Goes to Cross Creek

  This past weekend, I met my sister at my cousin's house in Melrose. We planned to visit hardware/feed stores (a family genetic thing;-) and visit Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' home at Cross Creek:

Cross Creek is a bend in a country road, by land, and the flowing Lochloosa Lake into Orange Lake, by water. We are four miles west of the small village of Island Grove, nine miles east of a turpentine still, and on the other sides we do not count distance at all, for the two lakes and the broad marshes create an infinite space between us and the horizon.

~Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

  Chuck was all for it, but Mishi grumbled when pulled from the warm nest box. Both were plopped into my shirt as the travel cage had to be on it's side during the drive over from Fleming Island. It's an easy 45 minutes to Melrose and my sister was already there.
  Chuck and Mishi's cage were set up in the laundry in deference to the wheel running all night. They did get to sit in the living room while we watched TV that evening, but Mishi got them both caged early when she decided to climb inside the reclining chair I was sitting in. She would poke her head out and run when reached for. Jean got her cornered in the back and I swept her up and she was behind bars before she knew what hit.
  The next morning, we prepared to take off and Mishi was left behind to sleep while Chuck was game to go. We arrived at Cross Creek in time for the next tour and Chuck slept until I pulled him out to show one of the guides. He was his usual hit. After the formal tour, we walked along one of the trails until it ended. Turning back, we ran into some other people heading where we'd just left. "Be careful." I said, pulling Chuck out of my shirt and holding him in my hand until he shot across my arm and into my shirt. "There's a whole colony of them up ahead and they'll jump and you and dive down your shirts." We left the wide eyed strangers and headed off to lunch.
  The Yearling Restaurant is not far from Cross Creek and we stopped there. I ordered fried quail (don't tell Michelle on the Button Quail Forum ;-) and it was the first I've had that you didn't have to be careful of buckshot when you chewed. The restaurant had a large room with antiques and old books and we roamed awhile after lunch. Chuck was "Kilroy" peeking at everything and was staring at a woman with a German accent. I asked her if she'd ever seen a flying squirrel. "No," she says as Chuck continues to hang out the front of my shirt. I finally pointed to him and she jumps back startled. "What's that!" "A flying squirrel," I reply as I pull him out of the shirt and she has about 3 seconds to view him as he races toward the safety zone of my shirt. She runs and tells her husband and he want to see him. Both are smiling as we leave and Chuck is smug in the knowledge that his sphere of influence is now international.

The next segment includes a wrap-up of the National Flying Squirrel Festival, held in Andulusia, Alabama, Feb. 27-29, 2004